WordPress Giveaway / Contest & Betting Plugin | Make your CubePoints mean something to your members!

Feature Rich Giveaway / Contest Plugin Available For WordPress

I built this plugin to serve the needs of my project and have decided to share it with the world.

CubePoints Support

This ties directly into the most popular points system available for WordPress. It finally gives users meaning behind the points they have earned. Users will value the points and keep striving to earn more, which means more activity on your site!

To enter a giveaway users must purchase at least 1 ticket using points they have earned by being active on your site. At that point other entry options will become available to them.

Watch Your Social Sharing Soar

Your users can get extra entries into your giveaway by sharing posts on Facebook, Google+ & Twitter. Points are also earned by posting on social media so there is even more incentive for site related activity. Includes support for video & bonus entries.

Increase Your Blog Comment Count

Choose a blog post for your users to comment on to get another entry into your giveaway.

Increase Your Followers On Your Social Networks

Reward your users with points for following you On Twitter, Facebook, Google+ & YouTube.

Banner System

Promote your giveaway on your site with an image banner. Simply insert simple PHP code into your theme files where you want it to show or just use a simple shortcode.

Flexible System

Set how many points a ticket will cost and the maximum allowed.The word “ticket” can be changed to whatever you would like. Change the text for the social entry steps and set the default twitter text when they click the tweet button. You can also disable social entries if you wish.

Built In Countdown

Users will see the days, hours, minutes and seconds ticking away giving them the urgency to participate in your giveaway or bet. The giveaway or bet will automatically close so there is nothing for you to you to worry about.

Pick Your Winners

You can easily and quickly shuffle all the entries and pick your winners at random with a couple clicks of a button.

Multiple Giveaways

You can run up to 5 active giveaways with ease.

Giveaway Details

Users can view their entries into the giveaway, how many entries they have left to complete as well as their chances of winning. You can choose if you want your users to see entries from everyone else or just their own.

Giveaway Stats

Your members can see at a glance how many entries they need to complete. As well as their chances of winning. This gives the users the urgency to complete all possible ways to enter your giveaway, which means more activity on your site and social sharing!

Answer Trivia Questions For Entries

With this plugin you have the option to set up a trivia question. When users answer the trivia question correctly they are granted bonus entries into your giveaway and earn points in the process.

Gambling / Betting System

Set up bets so your users can bet their points against each other. You can have up to 5 options per bet. Put it on any post or page with a simple shortcode! Up to 5 bets may be running at once. Award the points with a simple click when the bet is over.

You can have unlimited bets running at once too!

Awards the points with a simple click when the bet is over.

Betting Leader Board

Display users with the most points bet, and most points won from bets.

Show Text If Giveaway Or Bet Is Open / Closed

Using another simple shortcode you can display any basic html you want notating if your giveaways or bets are active or closed.


Don’t want to give somebody full admin access to your WordPress site, but want them to help out with managing your giveaway or award bets? Enter their usernames in the settings and you’re good to go! Here is what they can do:

  • Manually add video or bonus entries
  • Pick winners at random
  • Remove all entries for a user or just a specific type of entry. Useful when you have people that try to cheat the point system.
  • Retrieve user entry details so you can see how many entries they have & their chance of winning.
  • Retrieve all giveaways entry details.
  • Award Bets

WordPress Admin Bar

Support is built in for this, so your all covered!


The WordPress Giveaway/Contest & Betting Plugin for CubePoints is a must have for your site!

It’s easy to install, even easier to maintain and will bring back your members day after day. Having the social network interface is just amazing! Withoug any effort on your part members share your site virally over and over.

For now, while my site is growing I just have a monthly small cash contest and members might only enter the contest once or twice, but share the link with their friends; hence giving my site free exposure money probably couldn’t buy!

I do have to also mention the great support Tosh gives; no matter what I broke, he was there ready to help and never asked for a dime in extra payment!

This is the best plug-in I have purchased far none and certainly the best (very reasonable) investment I made!

Thank you Tosh!

Carola Croucher

Can I Try It Out?

Sure! Here is a demo, have at it.

Where Can I Get It?

For early adopters of my WordPress plugin I’m offering a discount of 40%!

You will get access to the following:

  • WordPress Giveaway & Betting Plugin
  • Access to future plugin updates
  • Access to the support forum

Official PayPal SealBuy it now for only $49.99 $29.99 [ 40% off! ]

After you complete your purchase.
Click on the “Return to noreply [ at ] slyspyder [ dot ] com” link.
This is how you create your account so you can download the plugin.

45 Responses to WordPress Giveaway / Contest & Betting Plugin | Make your CubePoints mean something to your members!

  1. BlinkyBill01 says:

    I’m really interested in this plugin and if it’s what I’m hoping it is, I will be purchasing it.

    I wanted to have the ability to set a contest based on Points on my BuddyPress. Users could trade in points for a raffle ticket that each ticket would represent an entry into a contest. The more tickets they purchase with Points, the more chance they have at winning.

    Does this plugin take care of that? Like the picking your winners feature. Will it show, individually, the amount of tickets they purchased or will it just add separate lines for every person and not take into account the amount of tickets that were purchased?

    Also, for the BonusURL feature, is it possible to set up a redirect URL that takes users to another site but counts towards addng points each time they click that link?

    I’m in the process of designing a gaming guild “portal” site that I’d like people to earn points if they click through to the url of the website of the game our site is based on. That way it would give them incentive to use our site as much as the official gaming site. Then they can then use their points to enter a contest to win codes for “virtual” in-game items that they can apply to their game account.

    Can this pluing handle all that?

    One last thing, is there any way that this plugin would be able to handle this either now or in a future version:

    Say I have 500 codes for an online videogame that when applied to the players game account it would grant them an ingame item they could use while playing.

    I need to have a way that I can add all of these individual codes to a plugin so that way a player can spend points and then receive a unique code. (Either the code emailed to the email address that they used to create their WP/BP account or sent via BP private messaging.) I also need to have a way that the plugin subtracts codes that have been sent out so that no one else can get the same code. That and the plugin would need to stop “selling” codes via points once the counter reached “0 remaining codes.”

    Also, is there a demo of this plugin in action?

    Ok, I’m done asking questions… for now. Hopefully the first part of my reply is handled by this plugin. Maybe somewhere down the line the second part of my request could be looked into.


    • Avatar of Tosh Tosh says:

      Yes it’s compatible with BuddyPress. I assume you have CubePoints Buddypress Integration installed? It’s not needed, but might as well :)

      For every lottery ticket, social entry, manual video or bonus entry, etc. It shows that as a row in a table which is public to everyone. Here is a screen capture of how you would pick winners a random. I also updated the post to include a link to that video.

      For the rest of your questions about virtual in game items. No doesn’t support it at this time. But I hear somebody is working on making a shopping cart compatible with CubePoints.

      For redirecting after the bonus URL entry. Yes it’s possible. Right now you would just need to put in another line of code in a certain spot. But I could possibly make that a option in a future update.

      You can test out the lottery & betting here:


  2. Dustin says:

    Hey this looks like it might just be what i was looking for! I was wondering if there is anyway i can test it on my site before purchase? Or can you offer a refund if its not going to work for what i need it for? Look forward to hearing from you

    • Avatar of Tosh Tosh says:

      What are you going to need it for? I’m confident it will work though. Only thing you might have to do is tweak the css slightly. If it really doesn’t work for you I’m sure we can work something out.

  3. Magaiver says:

    I have a doubt:

    When an user win the lottery, they automatic win the prize (for example, a serial key) or you have to send manually?

  4. grafics says:

    Your plugin sounds like exactly what we need for a client site currently under development and looks to be well worth the $$. My question/concern – we are currently having some problems with integration of both bbpress and buddypress on the site – will the use of both group and site wide forum cause problems with your plugin. We have learned that this is a problem with some buddypress plugins.
    A demo version (maybe only 1 lottery and 50 entries or something) would be great.
    One more question – is it possible to change/customize labels – change “lottery ticket” to “Raffle Ticket” or similar?

  5. I got this system and I am very pleased with it. The customer support has been prompt and has helped out a lot. Thanks for this great mod

  6. Denver says:


    1. Could I simply rename lottery or betting to other name like Contest or Challenge easily?

    2. Can URL in FB Like button and gMail +1 esily change to point to my other domains. Because I want to put my other products URL or my Affiliates URL instead of the domain where this Lottery plugin was resided.


    • Avatar of Tosh Tosh says:

      1. You can change “lottery ticket” to whatever you wish right from the admin.

      2. Sure put whatever URL you’d like and it will work.

  7. kirbs says:

    really interested in this but keep getting this message when I try the demo (I have tried for a few days);

    503: Service Temporarily Unavailable
    Too many IP addresses accessing one secure area!
    Please contact Support if you need assistance.

    Also, is there any system in place to prevent abuse? eg too many “entries/clicks” or “sharing & deleting”?

    Love the sound of it!!!

    • Avatar of Tosh Tosh says:

      If you get that message somebody has recently signed into the demo account. Just try another account.

      On abuse: Yes it’s possible for them to share it and then delete it directly from Facebook, Google+ or Twitter. But I have not found that people do that. There is no way to really prevent that kind of thing.

      That’s why I have a requirement that they must use some points to “purchase” a lottery ticket with points (which unlocked the social entries) and I make that say 150 points on my site. Then they get 20 points each sharing on Twitter, Google+ & Facebook. Facebook Fan Page and YouTube Channel I only give them 5 points since they aren’t really spreading the word so to speak.

      You can’t abuse the system by too many clicks/entries.

  8. kirbs says:

    great – thanks!

    ps you may need to make more demo accounts; I tried again with no luck – you must be popular!!! :)

    • Avatar of Tosh Tosh says:

      I created 7 total. I’m looking into how to not have those limits on the demo accounts. Did you try any of the others? That error has nothing to do with the giveaway plugin. It’s a security setting of the membership plugin I use. Try clearing your cache / session / cookies and try again.

  9. Avatar of Tosh Tosh says:

    New update is now live! The demo is running on the new version.

    You can change “lottery ticket” to whatever you wish in the admin settings. Added the option for gravatars in the giveaway & bettings logs too.

    Also the demo accounts shouldn’t have that error anymore. Let me know if it pops up again though.

  10. Avatar of Tosh Tosh says:

    New update allows you to set a end date and time for your giveaways and bet. Comes with a built in countdown as well!

  11. blake says:

    hi dude i have a problem. when i active cubepoint buddypress integration i get some like this:

    Warning: unserialize() expects parameter 1 to be string, array given in /home/content/29/8140629/html/wp-content/plugins/cubepoints/cp_core.php on line 189

    the problem is here help please guys!!

    im using normal wordpress 3.3.1 + buddypress 1.5.2.

  12. Doug Lance says:

    Can I give points to people for sharing without running a giveaway? Is that standard with Cubepoints or is there a different way to do that?

    • Avatar of Tosh Tosh says:

      Later this week I plan on releasing a stand alone module that will allow your members to share your posts/pages on Google+, Twitter & Facebook and earn points for it. it will come free with the CubePoints Giveaway & Betting System.

      [Update] I do have this working, but only when viewing a single post/page at the moment. I’ll keep you updated.

  13. Avatar of demouser5 demouser5 says:

    Hi, this is probably a really newbie questions, but what do users do with the points? Is there another plugin for a virtual store to purchase items with the points?

  14. Aj says:

    I’m interested in using cube points for buddy press, but my question is… Is it legal? I’ve been reading about laws governing contests and sweepstakes. I want to have a contest in which my site members get points based on site activity. Then at the end of the contest, the member with the highest score wins some type of merchandise. But I don’t want to get into legal trouble for doing this.

    • Avatar of Tosh Tosh says:

      There is a Cubepoints module called “Reset Data” that comes with Cubepoints that you can use to reset everyones points I believe. So just reset before the giveaway starts and reset it again after you pick a winner.

  15. Beastrad says:

    Is this plugin compatible with WP Symposium & Cubepoints? They have just released a cubepoints module for WP Symposium, and I would gladly purchase this plugin immediately if it will work without buddypress. Please keep me updated, thank you!!

  16. Jim says:

    Hey buddy. Is it possible for You to somehow help out with the paid_content module for cube points. Is there a way to hide the comments along with the content which is hidden untill the user pays to see content? Now the content is only hidden but comments are not.

    Cheer and Your plugin rocks!

    • Avatar of Tosh Tosh says:

      I’m sure we could extend it to cover the comments section. Might have to hard code that into your theme itself though. But I don’t have much time lately for development.

  17. Henrik says:


    I can’t find info about how it’s licensed – is it just for use on one site or can i use it on my different personal sites?

  18. wasabi says:

    Hasn’t got translation? Can we modify phrases, for example: change “Purchase lottery” for “Buy ticket”?

    Thanks in advance

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